Monday, March 1, 2010

SOS "Hero" Products!

make these your must-haves!
Are these Dermalogica heroes on your must-have skin health list?
Special Cleansing Gel
$33 (8.4oz) $49.50 (16.9oz)
Soap-free foaming cleanser perfect for all skin conditions: clears away dirt and oils, won’t over-dry, leaves a super-clean finish.
Multi-Active Toner
$31 (8.4oz)
Mist on pH-balanced hydration before moisturizing and throughout the day. Also helps set make-up!
$50 (2.6oz)
Brighten up! Water-activated gentle skin polisher reveals brighter, smoother skin.
(Concentrated Serum)
$54 (1oz)
Combat dehydration spot-on or blend with moisturizer for all-over cell hydration and fewer dry lines.
Skin Smoothing Cream
$39 (3.4 oz)
A little goes a long way: make this no-nonsense skin smoother your year-round moisturizer of choice.
MultiVitamin Power Firm
$52 (0.5oz)
This velvety treatment for the delicate eye area helps minimize fine lines – no wonder it’s a popular on-set make-up primer
Speak to your skin therapist about trying and adding these products to your regimen today!

Delicate Beauties Dermalogica skin bar is offering quick remedies for the occasional breakout or complexion emergency caused by hormones, travel, or stress. A heroic answer to healthy/vibrant skin!

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