Friday, April 23, 2010

Refine, Refresh, Renew for Spring

What place does spring hold in the season’s, melting snow & babbling brooks…brittle branches transform before your eyes sprouting tiny yellow & white bulb's…bees bumble & buzz…what does spring mean to you? Time to dust those picture shelves & de-clutter your space, mop & sweep those neglected nooks & cranies. Spring smells fresh & rejuvenates your soul & can rejuvenate your glow, but it may need a little help. Let’s awaken our bright, refreshed & sunny selves, uplift our spirits by following these tips:


Skin Renewal; Resolution= Dermalogica Microzone treatment may be just the ticket you need to give you that jump start. Microzone treatments are wonderful because they target your specific area of concern. The skin specialist can do a thorough skin mapping on your areas of concern & then treat those areas effectively in less than 30 mins. For $25 it’s worth it! Update your home regimen with a $35 starter kit that will safely introduce you to your skins spring renewal

Body Refinement; Resolution=A conditioning & gentle salt glow will eliminate scaly snake like skin from our Harsh Michigan winters. A Delicate Beauty Body Foliation treatment is a customized Dermalogica warming treatment & massage, & for under $65 add a touch of sun kissed bronzer which will give you a faux glow re-introducing your skin to that golden hue without the harsh UV rays.

Toxin Buildup; Resolution=Infusing your body with fresh fruits & vegetables is key, not only will they infuse your skin with anti-oxidants which help speed up cellular turnover, they will also help to flush out your system from all the winter pastries. Increase your water intake 10 fold, now that it’s officially getting warmer out, it’s imperative you are hydrating the inside to receive refreshed hydration on the outside. In need of a detoxification Overhaul? Try Isagenix 9 day detox program. Isagenix is different from traditional detox systems sold in drug stores or health food stores because it’s main focus is infusing your body with all the necessary vitamins & minerals you need on a daily basis, without starving yourself. Slip in to ByoungBFit & ask one of their certified trainers for the details.

Comfort Food induced weight gain; Resolution=sometimes it can be confusing when you come out of hibernation on how to jump start your fitness program. Enlist the help of a certified fitness professional that can take all your needs including any medical restrictions into consideration before designing your customized fitness program, no two programs are alike! for your fitness assessment.

Embarrassing hands & feet; Resolution= time for a hand & foot therapy refresher, in less than 40min you can restore crack heels & peeling cuticles. Annoyed with polish that chips before you make it home from the salon, try OPI soak off gel, for a small add on cost you can choose from multiple colors like "Miami Beet" or "Pink before you leap" for your hands or feet, with no mess or fuss. Gel will peel right off at the next visit & you can choose a different color. Hop in the Delicate Beauty starting May 8th to see a demo!

Dull make up routine (in desperate need of a lesson); Resolution= according to March/April’s issue of Spa magazine “an educational session with a spa makeup artist can help spruce your look and cater your cosmetics to warmer weather.” It’s great to bring the current make up that you use & a Delicate Beauty make specialist can aid you in what to keep, what to throw out, & recommend a line that works with your schedule. One of my favs is Tarte cosmetics (sold @Sephora) is an all natural line known for their vibrant cheek stains, mineral pigments & Age Smart ingredients. I love it because it’s universal & caters to women of all ages & colors!

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