Thursday, July 8, 2010

When To Revive Your Skin & Body Regimen

"Trading Up"

When is it time to see an esthetician?

Long bland isle ways with flickering florescent lights hanging above cluttered and congested shelves. Standing at the end you begin to make your way down. Neutrogena, Olay, Ceaphil, Noxzema.... decisions, decisions. You ponder to yourself as you quickly scan over the choices. "Am I dry, oily, or combination?" "Well sometimes I'm sensitive." "What are large pores? Do I have them?"

So overwhelmed by colorful packaging and intriguing smells that you eventually rush and choose something. You get home, feeling super hopeful that the path to healthy skin is about to begin. A few weeks go by and nothing has changed. A month, then two months. Finally frustrated you stop your new regimen. Now discouraged you go back to your Dove bar soap and warm water routine....

It's time to trade up!

According to July's issue of SPA Magazine, "Spa-grade products combine potent ingredients with an esthitician-recommended regimen to treat everything from blemishes to signs of aging. While these higher end options may sometimes require more of an investment than their drugstore or department store counterparts, in the long run you'll stop spending on skin care that doesn't deliver the results you want-and you'll look like a million bucks."

Why is switching to professional products worth it?

"Unlike Clinque, a cosmetic counter staple that uses milder formulations to suit a wider variety of skin types, Dermalogica is sold only by licensed skin therapists that go through special training and contains higher concentration of active ingredients. For example, it's Medibac Oil Control Lotion has hiacinamide and zinc gluconate to regulate sebum production, control bacteria and eliminate inflammation. Prior to purchasing the skin kit have your face "mapped" to determine which set works best for your skin."-
Melissa MacCalla July/Aug Issue-SPA Magazine


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