Friday, October 23, 2009

October & November is ALL about the 3 "B's"

Burgundy........Bold.......& Beautiful

Ladies..ladies..ladies, it's time to get out of those shimmery, shiny, peachy pinks & step into something a little more spunky! Think of fall as a time to truly embrace your creative side...colors are rich, bold, & vibrant! Pair a bold lip with a nude eye...or a smoky eye with a soft pink lip...pull that hair back into a sleek bun. Introduce "Sunkissed", "Berrylicious", & "Tickled" cheek stains from Tarte Cosmetics (all natural) into your daily regime, giving yourself that "dewy finish."

"So, come on ladies...let's get those creative juices flowing, let's take a survey of ourselves, asking..."are you fall ready.."? If you are uncertain,..follow these steps to ensure that you stay the vibrant, beautiful, & healthy woman that you are!"

**For fall wedding make up ideas, copy & paste the link below into your web browser:

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